≈ La Cabina del Forte, Gold and Silver Jewelery ≈

The TRADITIONAL CABINS of the bathrooms, framing the splendid beach, are certainly a symbol of Forte dei Marmi.

A trait so recognizable that we have decided to let ourselves be inspired, for some years now, to imagine and create a unique line of jewelry: bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and choker with the original pendant that, in a few strokes, stylizes forever the house in most loved wood.

La Cabina del Forte is an exclusive of the Oberdan Jewelery, for over fifty years at the top of watchmaking and jewelery in Versilia.
In gold and diamonds in the most precious version, in silver and enamels in the most playful, with many colors and infinite different combinations, the pendant, with its accessories, allows you to have a piece of Italian summer with you. It is like taking a corner of the beach with you, to breathe that unmistakable taste of the sea all year round that the old wooden cabins preserve.



≈ GLAM  ≈

Silver Collection

your SMART cabin


≈ CHIC  ≈

Gold Collection

your PRECIOUS cabin



Gold Limited Edition

ONLY yours